GOLDPHARMA is your discreet interface for online medication ordering. Goldpharma represent a network of European medical practitioners and pharmacies that is proud to offer you high skilled medical knowledge and practice as well as a huge range of European licensed medicine.

Business Objective…

One of our principal business objectives is to act as a tailored and client responsive escrow and communications service provider between you , the physician and the pharmacy . Goldpharma ensure that every aspect of our service is undertaken with the utmost professionalism, confidentiality, security and client care.




  • Why should you buy?
  •  Save up to 85%
  • Fast Worldwide Shipping
  • No Prior Prescription Necessary
  •  Offers free medical consultation
  • Free Prescription by Licensed Physicians
  • Medicine is dispensed by a licensed European pharmacy
  • Site Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Arabic .
  •  Very good customer support that helps with any issue.

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8 thoughts on “GOLDPHARMA

  1. Trust me individuals this is truly an extraordinary spot.. Like two months back I needed to purchase a few meds for my mother and I had damnation experience with a site called pharmaoffshore.. I held up for a month still they ddnt have sent.. at that point I discovered this Gold Pharma..they were similar to super quick and sent me the meds in 9 days to Canada.. recently I made an alternate request as well…. Ha… I sent an unpleasant mail to Pharmaoffshore and they have shiped them yesterday… after two fudge months…. I am truly cheerful about

  2. Goldpharma is hight profesional pharmacy services… Good customer spport and faster shipping time. Thank you

  3. muchas gracias por sus buenos comentarios, ya hice mi pedido, espero los mismos buenos resultados.

  4. notice :


    We are afraid to inform you that goldpharma was forced to stop accepting clients from the United States under threat to jeopardize its own existence.

    In the interest of clients residing outside the USA the management of Goldpharma has ceased US operations in their entirety.

    Foreign expatriates residing in the USA and in urgent need for treatment that is unavailable within the US are advised to seek assistance through their embassy or consulate.

    US Health Care Providers or Importers with Goldpharma accounts that are in credit may reclaim their funds by forwarding their bank account details to us.

    Before contacting Customer Service please log into your account below and verify the processing status of your last transaction.

  5. I have heard wonderful things about your organisation and wish to enquire as to whether or not it is possible to ship baclofen to the UK

  6. Please help me set-up an account with your company. I’ve tried numerous times on-line and have not been successful. If you could send me an application using my e-mail address above, I would appreciate it!
    Thank You….

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